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One Susan's Song

(Edward TM ®)
August 8, 2008
Breathe a breath now and let go
Just relax we will take it slow
Your so fine not so so
just as you feel all you need to know
You're doing fine now here we go
Deeper and deeper let love flow
Rest assured you'll always know
I'll be yours for ever and ever….and ever

1. we're in love
2. its from above
3. you'll always know its always forever

Deeper you're drifting down
There are no barriers for you in this town
That's right pull close
See everything that we could be
When I touch you will know
There is no other place you'll want to go
I run my fingers through your hair
Kissing your lips takes away all your cares
1. Were in love
2. Its from above
3. You'll always know its always forever
your wild heart
wild heart
Your wild heart that runs so casually
Races when you speak my name so quietly
You're so right when your faithful eyes look at me
You remember not the pain
Remember me my loving eyes
I love you and you are mine
always (x3)