Today you can change the world! Start by speaking to the water you drink Speak Change Health Prosperity Love What ever you need!! When you have problems dont forget to say your Parishes!! it goes like this!! hate hat ha h Then speak parish like the word! repeat Work It Into your sub concious!! REMBER NEVER HARM OR WISH BAD UPON ANYONE ! YOU WILL ONLY BE HARMING YOURSELF IN THE LONG RUN!! When the moon is waining Parishes work best!! Bring into your life the things you need and desire by doing the opposite! only stating Manifest Like The Word works best if moon is waxing to full!! There are work arounds for those untoward people who bother you!! Cast a Protection Spell!! Thier attacks will be mirrored back!! If you need a dream interpreter I can help email me! And rember and let this be your meditation THE UNIVERSE IS FAIR!!!!!” - Edward