From the recording I Got It On Video

Watch Alex Jones!


Break the walls of this hell
and this gate
let it be your inspiration
feed machine a spike
its watching you
it is all  observable information
Layer upon layer
feeding of the machine
breaking the glass
The silicone iron dream
its layer upon layer
I'm imbedded in the scene
imbedded in terror
do you know what I mean?
I got it on video X4
Of lies and sorceries
come and get your pill and your education
A politically correct prison for your mind
regulate your communication
Player Lost in false reality
interfaced wifi entity
the brain of  my nature
longing to be free
break down the wall
I got it on video X4
Moment to Moment
symbol inundation the key of siege
observing now!!
break the glass
that's changing me
wake up now
the sabotage
can be conceived
Every consumption
is Infused with  disease
poison injections to bring you
to you knees
wake up wake up wake up!!!
Iv got it on video!!